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Paris Opera - Palais Garnier


18 to 30 September 2006
La Dame aux Camélias - John Neumeier
Ballet  with a prologue and three acts (1978) – Based on Alexandre Dumas’ novel, to music by Frederic Chopin.
Choreography  and  staging: John Neumeier
Design  and  costumes:  Jürgen Rose
Lighting:  Rolf Warter.
Performed by the Star and Premiers Dancers  and the Opera Ballet Corps.
Colonne Orchestra conducted by  Michael Schmidtsdorff.
Time:  Opening 18th September 2006 at 19:30.
September 20, 21 (19:30), September 23 (14:30/20:00), September 24 (14:30), September 27 (19:30), September 30 (14:30/20:00).
Price range: 6 Euro to 80 Euro.


9 to 28 October 2006
Homage to Serge Lifar /Thierry Malandain
Suite in White
Music by Edouard Lalo
Choreography created for the Paris Opera in 1943 by Serge Lifar.

The Flight of Icarus
Music by Alfred Schnittke (Concerto for piano and strings)
Choreography: Thierry Malandain
Decoration and costumes: Alain Lagarde
Lighting: Claude Asquié.

The Mirages
Music by Henri Sauguet
Choreography created for the Paris Opera in 1947 by Serge Lifar.
Decoration and costumes: Cassandre
Performed by Star dancers, Premiers Dancers and Paris Opera Ballet Corps.
Paris National Opera Orchestra conducted by Vello Pähn.
Time: Opening 9th October 2006 (AROP Gala) at 19:30.
October 10, 11(19:30), October 15 (14:30), October 16, 17, 21 (19:30), October 22 (14:00), October 24, 26, 28 (19:30).
Price range : 6 Euro to 120 Euro.

10 to 18 November 2006
Music by Philip Glass (original adaptation of extracts of Einstein on the Beach)
Choreography: Benjamin Millepied
Decoration: Paul Cox
Costumes: Marc Jacobs
Lighting: Patrice Besombes.

White Darkness
Music by Karl Jenkins
Choreography: Nacho Duato (2001)
Design: Jaffar Chalabi
Costumes: Lourdes Frias
Lighting: Joop Caboort

André Auria
Music by David Lang
Choreography: Edouard Lock (Paris National Opera, 2002).
Design: Stéphane Roy
Costumes: Liz Vandal
Lighting: John Munro.
Performed by Star Dancers, Premiers Dancers and the Opera Ballet Corps.
With Accentus Choir directed by Laurence Equilbey to recorded music.
Opening 10th November 2006 at 19:30.
Time: November 11 (14:30* and 20:00), November 13, 14, 16, 17 (19:30, November 18 (14:00).
Price range: 6 Euro to 46 Euro.

8 to 30 December 2006
Giselle - Jean Coralli / Jules Perrot
Ballet  in two acts (1841) – Libretto by Théophile Gautier and Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges, based on Heinrich Heine.
Music by Adolphe Adam
Choreography: Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot
Adapted by Patrice Bart and Eugène Polyakov
Design: Alexandre Benois
Staging by Silvano Mattei and Claudie Gastine
Costumes: Alexandre Benois
Lighting: Yves Bernard.
Performed by the Star and Premiers Dancers and the Opera Ballet Corps.
Paris National Opera Orchestra conducted Paul Connelly.
Time: Opening  8th December  2006  at 19:30.
December  9, 10, 12, 13, 14 (19:30), December 16 (14:30/20:00), December 17, 19, 20, 21, 23 (19:30), December 24 (14:30), December 25 (15:30), December 26, 28, 30 (19:30).
Price range: 6 Euro to 80 Euro.

5 to 9 January 2007
Invited company: Ballet of Stuttgart (founded by John Cranko), Directed by: Reid Anderson
Ballet in two parts (1969) – Based on William Shakespeare.
Music by Kurt Heinz Stolze. based on Domenico Scarlatti
Choreography and staging by John Cranko
Decoration and costumes : Elisabeth Dalton
Colonne Orchestra conducted by James Tuggle
Opening 5th January 2007 19:30
Time: January 6 (14:30/20:00), January 7 (14:30), January 8, 9 (19:30).
Price range: 6 Euro to 80 Euro.

2 to15th February 2007
Apollon musagète
To Music by Igor Stravinsky
Choreography: George Balanchine (1928)

Music: Igor Stravinsky
Choreography: George Balanchine (1957)

The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude
To Music by Franz Schubert (Allegro vivace, extract from Symphonie n°9 in C major, D 944)
Choreography, scenography and lighting by William Forsythe.
Costumes: Stephen Galloway.
Performed by the Star and Premiers Dancers and the Opera Ballet Corps.
Ensemble Orchestral de Paris conducted by Vello Pähn
Opening 2nd February 2007 19:30
Time: February 3 (14:30/20:00), February 5, 7, 9 (19:30), February 11 (14:30), February 12, 14, 15 (19:30).
Price range: 6 Euro to 80 Euro.

1st to 31 March 2007
Proust ou les intermittences du cœur
Roland Petit
Ballet in two acts and thirteen scenes (1974) – Inspired by Marcel Proust’s novel À la recherche du temps perdu.
To music by Ludwig van Beethoven, Claude Debussy, Gabriel Fauré, Cesar Franck, Reynaldo Hahn, Camille Saint-Saëns and Richard Wagner.
Choreography and staging by Roland Petit
Decoration: Jean-Michel Wilmotte
Costumes: Luisa Spinatelli
Lighting: Jean-Michel Désiré
Performed by the Star and Premiers Dancers  and the Opera Ballet Corps.
Paris National Opera Orchestra conducted by Koen Kessels
Opening 1st March 2007 19:30
Time: March 4 (14:30), March 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 15, 16, 19, 21, 24, 26, 28, 31 (19:30).
Price range : 6 Euro to 120 Euro.

23 to 30 March 2007
Guest Company: Kabuki
Repertory and performance by family Ichikawa Kanjincho
List of the donators (Kojo)
Ritual Ceremony for the arrival of the Spring (Momijigari)
Dans la contemplation des érables
Opening 23rd March 2007 at 19:30.
Time: March 25 (14:30), March 27, 29, 30 (19:30).
Price range: 7 Euro to130 Euro.

10 April to 11th May 2007
Cinderella - Rudolf Noureyev
Ballet in three acts – Based on Charles Perrault’s story
To Music by Sergey Prokofiev
Adaptation, choreography and staging by Rudolf Noureyev (created for Paris Opera, 1986)
Decoration: Petrika Ionesco
Costumes: Hanae Mori
Lighting: Guido Levi.
Performed by the Star and Premiers Dancers and the Opera Ballet Corps.
Paris National Opera conducted by Kevin Rhodes.
Opening 10th April 2007 at 19:30.
Time: April 11, 13, 17, 18, 20, 24, 26, 28, 30 and May 3, 5, 8, 10, 11 (19:30).
Price range:6 Euro to 80 Euro.

23 April to12th May 2007
Robyn Orlin / L'Allegro, il penseroso ed il moderato.
Choreographic creation
Pastoral Ode in three parts HWV 55 (1740) – Libretto by Charles Jennens based on John Milton.
To Music by George Frederick Handel
Choreography and video: Robyn Orlin
Video production: Philippe Lainé
Costumes: Antonio Marras
Lighting: Marion Hewlett
With Kate Royal, soprano, Toby Spence, tenor, Roderick Williams, bass, and the soloist of Tölzer Knabenchor.
Performed by the Star and Premiers Dancers and the Opera Ballet Corps.
Paris National Opera conducted by William Christie
Opening 23rd April 2007 at 19:30.
Time: April 25, 27 (19:30), 29 (14:30) May, 2, 4 (19:30), May 6 (14:30), May 7, 9, 12 (19:30).
Price range:7 Euro to 130 Euro.

22nd  June to15th July 2007
La Fille mal gardée - Frederick Ashton
Ballet in two acts – Based on Jean Dauberval
Music by Louis Joseph Ferdinand Hérold
Arrangements: John Lanchbery
Choreography: Frederick Ashton (1960)
Decoration and costumes: Osbert Lancaster
Lighting: George Thomson
Performed by the Star and Premiers Dancers and the Opera Ballet Corps.
Paris National Opera orchestra conducted by Barry Wordsworth
Opening: 22nd June 2007 at 19:30.
Time: June 23, 25, 26, 28, 29 and July, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14 (19:30), July 15 (14:30).
Price range: 6 Euro to 80 Euro.


11th September to 2nd October 2006
La Clemenza di Tito
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Opera seria in two acts (1791)
Libretto by Pietro Metastasio adapted by Caterino Mazzolà in Italian
Music conducted by Gustav Kuhn
Staging: Ursel and Karl-Ernst Herrmann
Decoration and costumes: Karl-Ernst Herrmann
Lighting: Karl-Ernst Herrmann and Heinz Ilsanker
Choir directed by Peter Burian.
With Christoph Prégardien as Tito, Anna Caterina Antonacci as Vitellia, Ekaterina Syurina as Servilia, Elina Garanca as Sesto, Hannah Esther Minutillo as Annio, Roland Bracht as Publio.
Paris National Opera Orchestra and Choir.
Opening:11th September 2006 at 19:30.
Time: September 17 (14:30), September 19, 22, 25, 28 and October, 2 October 2006 (19:30).
Price range: 7 Euro to 160 Euro.

23 October to 8th November 2006
Così fan tutte
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Comic Opera in two acts (1790)
Libretto: Lorenzo da Ponte in Italian
Music directed by Gustav Kuhn
Staging: Patrice Chéreau
Decoration: Richard Peduzzi
Costumes: Caroline de Vivaise
Lighting: Bertrand Couderc
Collaboration to movements: Thierry Thieû Niang
Choir directed by Peter Burian.
With Erin Wall as Fiordiligi, Elina Garanca as Dorabella, Stéphane Degout as Guglielmo, Shawn Mathey as Ferrando, Marie McLaughlin as Despina, Ruggero Raimondi as Don Alfonso.
Paris National Opera Orchestra and Choir.
Opening 23rd October 2006 at 19:30.
Time: October 25, 27, 30 and November 3, 6, 8 (19:30).
Price range: 7 Euro to 160 Euro.

30th November to 29 December 2006
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
New Production
Dramma per musica in three acts  (1781), on Libretto by Giambattista Varesco based on Antoine Danchet’s Idoménée in Italian.
Music directed by Thomas Hengelbrock
Staging: Luc Bondy
Decoration: Erich Wonder
Costumes: Rudy Sabounghi
Lighting: Dominique Bruguière
Choreography: Arco Renz
Choir directed by Peter Burian.
With Ramon Vargas as Idomeneo, Joyce DiDonato as Idamante, Camilla Tilling as Ilia, Mireille Delunsch as Elettra, Thomas Moser as Arbace, Xavier Mas as Il gran sacerdote and Ilya Bannik as La voce.
Paris National Opera Orchestra and Choir.
Opening: 30th November 2006 at 19:30.
Time: December 3 (14:30), 5 (AROP Gala), December 11, 15, 18, 22, 27, 29  (19:30).
Price range:7 Euro to 160 Euro.

26th January to 16th February 2007
Le Journal d'un disparu (The Diary of One Who Disappeared), Leos Janácek (1854-1928)
Bluebeard's Castle, Bela Bartók (1881-1945).

New production
The Diary of One Who Disappeared by Leos Janácek (1854-1928)
cycle of twenty-two songs for tenor, alto solo, voice and piano (1921)
Orchestration by Gustav Kuhn in Czech
Music directed by Gustav Kuhn
Staging: Alex Ollé and Carlos Padrissa de La Fura dels Baus
Decoration and costumes: Jaume Plensa
With Michael König as the man, Hannah Esther Minutillo as the woman.
Paris National Opera Orchestra.

Bluebeard's Castle (Le Château de Barbe-Bleue) by Bela Bartók (1881-1945)
Lyrical drama in one act (1918)
On Libretto by Bela Balázs in Hungarian
Music directed by Gustav Kuhn
Staging: Alex Ollé and Carlos Padrissa
Decoration and costumes: Jaume Plensa.
With Willard White as The duke Barbe-Bleue, Béatrice Uria-Monzon as Judith.
Paris National Opera Orchestra. Co-produced with Teatro Liceu, Barcelona
Opening: 26th January, 2007 at 20:00.
Time: January 28 (14:30), January 30 (20:00) February 4 (14:30), February 6, 8, 13, 2007 (20:00).
Price range: 7 Euro to 130 Euro.

23rd May to 10th June 2007

Da gelo a gelo
Salvatore Sciarrino (1947)
Creation - Co-produced with Schwetzingen Festival and Paris Opera.
A hundred scenes and sixty-five poems.
Based on Izumi Shikibu’s diary (Japan, 19th century) in Italian.
Music directed by Tito Ceccherini
Staging: Trisha Brown
Decoration: Daniel Jeanneteau
Costumes: Elizabeth Cannon
Lighting: Jennifer Tipton
With Anna Radziejewska as Izumi, cortigi, Ulrike Mayer as , La nutrice del principe, la cameriera di Izumi, Felix Uehlein as Il paggio di Izumi, Michael Hofmeister as Il paggio del principe, Otto Katzameier as Il principe.
Klangforum Vienna Orchestra
Opening: 23rd May 2007 at 20:00.
Time: May 29, 31 and June 2, 5, 8 (20:00), June 10 (14:30).
Price range: 7 Euro to 130 Euro.

June 16 to12th July 2007
La Traviata
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)
New Production
Opera in three acts (1859)
Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave based on Alexandre Dumas’ novel ‘La Dame aux camélias’  in Italian
Music directed by Sylvain Cambreling
Staging: Christoph Marthaler
Decoration and costumes: Anna Viebrock
Lighting: Olaf Winter
Choir directed by Peter Burian.
With Christine Schäfer as Violetta Valéry, Helene Schneiderman as Flora Bervoix, Michèle Lagrange as Annina, Jonas Kaufmann as Alfredo Germont, José Van Dam as Giorgio Germont, Ales Briscein as Gastone, Michael Druiett as Il Barone Douphol, Igor Gnidii as Il Marchese d’Obigny, Nicolas Testé as Dottor Grenvil.  Paris National Opera Orchestra and Choir.
Opening: 16th June 2007 at19:30
Time: June 19 (19:30) (AROP Gala), June 24 (14:30), June 27, 30 (19:30), July 3, 6, (19:30), July 8 (14:30), July 12 (19:30).
Price range:7 Euro to 160 Euro.


26 September 2006
Sylvain Cambreling, Symphonic Concert
With Christine Schäfer, soprano / Till Fellner, piano / Frédéric Laroque, violin / Pierre Lenert, alto.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Sinfonia concertante, K.364
Concerto for piano – Concert Arias
Symphony n°41 Jupiter, K.551
Time: 26 September 2006 at 20:00.
Price range: 7 Euro to 44 Euro.

31st December 2006
Christmas Eve Concert
Angela Gheorghiu
Music directed by Ion Marin
With Angela Gheorghiu, Iulia Isaev, sopranos and George Petean, baritone.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Romanian songs.
Time: 31 December 2006 at 19:30.
Price range: 40 Euro to 300 Euro.

10th February 2007
Mark Minkowski
Symphonic Concert
With Laurent Verney, alto
Carl Maria Von Weber: Der Freischütz, overture
Hector Berlioz: Harold in Italy
Albert Roussel: Symphony n°3
Time: 10th February at 20:00.
Price range: 7 Euro to 44 Euro.

11th March 2007
Pierre-Laurent Aimard, piano
Claude Debussy: Sonata for cello and piano - Melodies
Maurice Ravel: Melodies
Pierre Boulez: Sonatine for flute and piano
Charles Ives: Songs.
With Catherine Cantin, flute / Cyrille Lacrouts, cello.
Time: 11 March 2007 at 20:30.
Price range: 7 Euro to 44 Euro.

24 June 2007
Pierre-Laurent Aimard, piano

Robert Schumann: Lieder - Märchenerzählungen for clarinette, alto and piano, op. 132

Franz Liszt: Lieder, Élégie for harpe, harmonium, piano and cello, S. 130

Gyorgy Kurtag: Requiem po drugu;
Six Bagatelles for piccolo, double bass and piano.

Bela Bartók: Melodies; Contrasts for violin, clarinette and piano, Sz. 111

With Frédéric Laroque, violin / Laurent Verney, alto / Martine Bailly, cello - Daniel Marillier, double bass / Pierre Dumail, piccolo / Jean-François Verdier, clarinette / David Lootvoet, harp.
Time: 24th June 2007 at 20:30.
Price range: 7 Euro to 44 Euro.

1 July 2007
Christine SCHÄFER
Pierre-Laurent Aimard, piano
Joseph Haydn: English Melodies;

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Adagio and Rondo for glassharmonika, flute, oboe, alto and cello, K. 617;

George Crumb: Apparition, for soprano and piano;

Anton Webern: Lieder;
Karlheinz Stockhausen: Tierkreis;

Hugo Wolf: Lieder.
With Karin Ato, violin / Diederik Suys, alto / Martine Bailly, cello / Frédéric Chatoux, flute
Jacques Tys, oboe / Philippe Cuper, clarinette.
Time 1st July 2007 at 20:30.
Price range: 7 Euro to 44 Euro.

Sunday Concerts at Palais Garnier

29 October 2006
Chamber Music
By the musicians of the Paris National Opera Orchestra

Hector Berlioz: Roman Carnaval, overture (transcription)
Summer Nights, op. 7 ( transcription)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: String Quintette in D major n°5, K. 593

With Karin Ato, Klodiana Skenderi, violins
Jean-Charles Monciero, Michel Nguyen, altos / Philippe Ferret, cello
Sylvain Le Provost, double bass / Isabelle Pierre, flute / Christophe Grindel, oboe / Misha Cliquennois, horn / Sylvie Perret, harp / Guy-Joël Cipriani, percussion.
Time: 29 October 2006 at 20:30.
Price range : 5 Euro to 20 Euro.

14th January 2007
Homage to Dmitri Shostakovich
Trio n° 2 in E minor for piano, violin and cello, op. 67
Seven romances on poems by Alexander Blok, for soprano et trio with piano, op. 127
Quintette for piano and strings in G minor, op. 57
With Jean-Marc Bonn, piano / Martine Bailly, cello / Éric Lacrouts, Vanessa Jean, violin/ Pierre Lenert, alto.
Time: 14th January 2007 at 20:30.
Price range: 5 Euro to 20 Euro.

11th February 2007
Bohuslav Martinu: Seven Arabesques (rhythmic studies) for clarinette, percussion and piano.

Edison Denisov: Ode, for clarinette, piano and percussion; Enstehen und Vergehen for two percussions.

Bela Bartók: Sonata for two pianos, op. 110

Dmitri Shostakovich: Aphorisms, for violin, bassoon, piano and percussion, op.13

Alfred Schnittke: Serenade for clarinette, violin, double bass, piano and percussion.

With Jean-Yves Sébillotte, Christine Lagniel, piano / Philippe Poncet, Christophe Vella, percussion / Alexandre Chabod, clarinette / Marie-Laure Goudenhooft, violin/ Ludovic Tissus, bassoon / Axel Salles, double bass.
Time: 11th February 2007 at 20:30.
Price range:5 Euro to 20 Euro.

25th March 2007
Andre Caplet: Conte fantastique (string quartette and harp);

Claude Debussy: String Quartette in G minor op. 10;

Maurice Ravel: String Quartette in F major.

With Agnès Crepel, Laurent Philipp, violins / Marc Desmons, alto / Cyrille Lacrouts, cello / David Lootvoet, harp.
Time: 25th March 2007 at 20:30.
Price range : 5 Euro 20 Euro.

8 April 2007
Albert Roussel: Divertissement for flute, oboe, clarinette, bassoon, horn and piano, op. 6;

Darius Milhaud: Sonata for flute and oboe, clarinette and piano, op. 47;

Jean Françaix: The Shepherd’s Hour (L’Heure du berger) for flute, oboe, clarinette, horn and piano;

Alexandre Tansman: Dance of the Witch for flute, oboe, clarinette, bassoon, horn and piano;

Albéric Magnard: Quintette in D minor for flute, oboe, clarinette, bassoon and piano, op. 8.

With Sabrina Maaroufi, flute / Anne Régnier, oboe / Jean-François Verdier, clarinette / Gilbert Audin, bassoon / Éric Vernier, horn / Michel Dietlin, piano.
Time: 8 April 2007 at 20:30.
Price range: 5 Euro to 20 Euro.

6th May 2007
Gabriel Fauré: Quartette with piano n°2 in G minor, op. 45;

Camille Saint-Saëns: Septet in E Flat major for trumpet, two violins, alto, cello, double bass and piano, op. 65;

César Franck: Quintet in F minor for piano and strings.

With Vessela Pelovska, piano / Alain Persiaux, Sylvie Sentenac, violin / Anne-Aurore Anstett, alto / Eric Watelle, cello / Dominique Guérouet, double bass / Alexis Demailly, trumpet.
Time: 6th May 2007 at 20:30.
Price range: 5 Euro to 20 Euro.

27th May 2007
George Enescu: String Octet in C major, op. 7;

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: String Octet in E Flat major, op. 20.

With Frédéric Laroque, Eric Lacrouts, Marianne Lagarde, Franck Laroque, violin / Pierre Lenert, Jean-Michel Lenert, alto / Cyril Lacrouts, Frédéric Lagarde, cello.
Time: 27th May 2007 at 20:30.
Price: 5 Euro.

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